Mini Crossword Puzzle

Exercise your brain daily with this mini crossword puzzle. Test your language skills through these brain games. This crossword only consist 8 – 15 questions , so don’t need a lot of time fo finish it. The purpose is for fun , mind challenging and education English language learner. Improve your english vocabulary with this crossword. This free crossword work offline , so you don’t need internet connection. Highly recommend for anyone wanting a brain teaser for the train commute or in waiting time.

Advantages of playing crossword :

  • Train brain and improve memory
  • Boost vocabulary and language skills
  • Help relieving stress by engaging our minds
  • Improve logic and reasoning

Feature :

  • Help Character to open unfinished words
  • Help Reward , to see unfinished word by seeing ads , if you have no help character anymore
  • Ask Friend to contact friend if you can’t answer the questions